My first - and probably last - trip to Las Vegas

I was a Vegas virgin!

As a closing-in-on-40-year-old, it's weird (to seemingly just about everybody but me) that I had never been to Las Vegas until just a few weeks ago.  I went there for a security conference my company sent me to, and I also had the privilege of giving a talk

First impressions

My first impressions of Vegas were probably not unique:

  • "Wow, the people watching is outstanding."
  • Hmm...every where I go, the air smells like perfume-infused farts that came out of a smoker's butt."
  • "If you look up the word sadness in the dictionary, I think it would just be a bunch of pictures featuring people gambling."
  • "Wow, the people watching is...scary."
  • "If I want to walk across the street, it's going to take me 20 minutes because I need to take a shuttle to another area of the hotel, then take an escalator to a skyway that will lead me through a construction detour and then eventually to the other side of the street."
  • "Great live music!"
  • "Awesome live theater shows!"


I took a day to walk around the strip, take in the sights, eat too much food and gawk at people.  A few highlights included a cool Muhammad Ali exhibit, a bar that looks like a giant chandelier, a rollercoaster ride and the Bellagio fountain:

You'd have to twist my arm to go back

As fun as the trip was - oh, and my talk went super well! - I don't think I'll be coming back to Vegas anytime soon unless it was for some work-related function.  Or by gunpoint.  Why?  

  1. I don't smoke.  And I don't enjoy second-hand smoke.
  2. I don't drink.  Except once a week (communion wine - ha! :-).
  3. I don't do drugs. 
  4. I'm married.  I don't believe it's good for my marriage if I'm off engaging in extracurricular activities with females who are not my wife.
  5. I don't gamble.  I've seen way too many people flush fat wads of cash down a virtual toilet in minutes.  If I'm going to waste money, I'll go to an arcade where at least I get about 5 minutes of play for every dollar spent!

Anybody else feel like Vegas was a "one and done" experience?